ArticlesVolume 12, Number 2 (2003)

Women’s Rights: Reframing the Issues for the Future


Good morning and welcome, everyone, to our panel on Women’s Rights: Refraining the Issues for the Future. I am Kathy Rodgers. I’m from the class of 1973 of Columbia Law School, and I’m looking around this room–this is not what room A and B looked like back then! Everybody has a microphone, which is great, because we hope to have some good interactive discussion with all of you this morning.

I am also, in addition to being a Columbia Law alum, the president of NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund here in New York. For over thirty-two years, NOW Legal Defense has used the power of the law to define and defend women’s rights. I am particularly pleased to be here today with Columbia Law School alumnae because Columbia women have been a substantial part of our team throughout these thirty-two years as members of our staff, as academic partners, as student interns (including some young men), as part of our volunteer leadership, as pro bono attorneys, and as supporters. So with all of these connections, it really is a matter of personal pride to be back here celebrating the women of Columbia Law School.