ArticlesVolume 1, Number 1 (1991)

Reports from the International Women’s Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) 1990 Conference


The following are abstracts of selected papers presented at the Fifth Annual International Women’s Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) Conference, in New York on January 20-22,1990. IWRAWwas founded in 1985 to monitor compliance with and promote public interest in the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (“Convention”). It strives to broaden the global network of individuals and organizations monitoring compliance with the Convention and to ensure the integrity of States Parties implementation efforts. The conference celebrated the Convention’s tenth anniversary. As of the date of the conference, the Convention had been ratified by 101 nations. To date, 104 nations have ratified it.

The first two days of the three day conference were devoted to discussion of the specific provisions of the Convention and to sharing news and information on efforts to implement the Convention in various countries. The third day focused on the status of reproductive rights around the world.