ArticlesVolume 4, Number 2 (1994)

Force African-American Fathers to Parent Their Delinquent Sons- A Factor To Be Considered at the Dispositional Stage


What species can survive and function when a substantial segment of its young male population is harnessed by the burdens of substance abuse, unemployment, and incarceration? Empirical data suggests that these maladies have infected African-American males at a rate alarmingly disproportionate to that of other races. This trend, if it continues, suggests that America is creating a dysfunctional class. In this Article the term “dysfunctional” refers to a predicament wherein African-American males engage in violent activities. Their conduct may be attributable to their¬†inability to contribute to the family or smaller groups which form the foundation of the social order of society.

In light of the increasing numbers of African-American males populating correctional facilities, becoming enslaved to drugs, and becoming unemployed, unskilled, and only minimally educated, drastic measures need to be taken to prevent them from becoming dysfunctional members of society. The problem is real.